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Dragonce Guidelines

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System Visual Guidelines Guidelines On Going Web UI The Dragonce System’s visual system serves as a graphic identifier for the system development. Strategically and consistently applying the system’s logo, typography, layout themes, colors, etc., across different devices is an important … Continued

Dragonce Workflow

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System UI Workflow Builder On Going Web UI Dragonce Workflow Builder is a graphical tool for creating, viewing, and modifying workflow process definitions. It determines the flow of form records from state to state, from users to users. States A … Continued

Dragonce IM

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Instant Messenger Dragonce IM On Going Web UI | Mobile UI VISIT Dragonce is a two-way messaging app tailor-made to favor communication among members within an organization, company or school. Workflow management is also available – sick-leave and reimbursement application … Continued

Dragonce Circular

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System UI Circular On Going Web UI | Mobile UI Circular is an online tool to design and distribute circulars within Dragonce Messenger. Users can return electronic reply slips and admin can easily collect the results. Drag & DropAdd & … Continued


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Kung Fu Website HKMAA Feb 18, 2016 Web UI | Front-end VISIT HKMAA is a Hong Kong-based Ving Tsun athletic association. I’m mainly in charge of web UI design and front-end HTML & CSS. TransitionAnimation SmartNavigation ResponsivePhoto Sliders VideoPlayer


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Quarterly PSEC Issue Jul 23, 2015 Print | Graphic Design VISIT Pan Sutong Shanghai-Hong Kong Economic Policy Research Centre (PSEC) was established in early 2015 with the generous donation and ardent support from Mr. Pan Sutong and the Hong Kong-Shanghai … Continued