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Dragonce Page Builder is an extremely powerful drag & drop design system, which features tons of amazing functionalities and widgets.

Dragonce Page Builder

Drag & Drop
Real-time Design

Build your forms or systems in real-time. Create a page, edit elements and see changes instantly. Drag, drop and customize everything live on web and mobile!

Drag & Drop Real Time Design


Widgets are built-in controls to be placed on a page in an App. Users can put widgets of their choice on to the pages they create, in order to customize the pages in a way that best interact with end users.



Floating pannel for quick settings is available around your cursor. All you need for widgets quick settings are available with a single click.

Floating Pannel


There are thousands of system configs in page builder. Multiple data source setting is one of the most complecated setting dialogue. A data source is for getting data from other forms (from the same app or core data) and inserting the data into any widgets on the current page.

System Configs


After published to production environment, digital form, table, chat, calender and so forth can be easily accessed through oneline browser or Android, IOS App.

Cross Platform

Dragonce Page Builder PreviewDragonce Page Builder PreviewDragonce Page Builder Preview