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Product research & data analysis in in-app print shop design

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The goal of this project is to increase revenue by integrating an in-app print shop into the Nixplay mobile app. I participated in this monetization project from conception to completion.

Time: May 2019 – Dec 2019

Platform: Android and iOS mobile app

Team: 1 UXUI designer, 1 PM, 1 BA, 1 head of software, a few engineers, and QAs

Design Methods

Data-driven personas, User feedback consolidation, Competitor UX benchmark research, Competitor print product test, SDK providers comparative analysis, PoC, Prototyping

My Responsibilities in this project
  • Set up two data-driven personas to inform the product decision-making. I worked with a BA to send two surveys to 223k existing users to understand existing users’ expectations of photo printing. I set up two personas based on the demographics data and photo printing behaviors learned from the survey report. (Visit the survey report and personas)
  • Conducted competitor UX benchmark research, print service providers product test, and SDK Integration comparative analysis to help the stakeholders better understand the Pros and Cons of our potential print service providers. (Visit the comparative analysis)

  • Worked closely with an engineer to develop and iterate a PoC to help the business team discover potential risks. Initially, we were leaning towards due to its delightful SDK UI design and intuitive photo book editing experience (PoC). But after we used our personas to do a scenario walkthrough with the PoC, we found that since it’s a UK-based company, the shopping time from the UK to the US took more than a week, and the cost was too pricy, including taxes. Finally, we chose Fujifilm as our print service provider to avoid potential risks mainly due to US-friendly shipping time and a wider range of product SKUs. To remedy the Fujifilm SDK’s preliminary retro UI design(PoC), we decided to use an API+SDK approach to provide an immersive, integrated in-app shopping experience. I customized the UI for the printed product categories list and a product detail page with our own hero photos. Also designed an order success animation in Lottie JSON format to elevate the user experience (Visit the PoC and Order history prototype)

  • Set up an SOP of graphic asset preparation for the new SKU. One of the challenges that came hand-in-hand with customization was the massive effort needed to prepare design assets for each SKU. It took four designers two weeks to prepare all the assets for 53 SKUs of printed products in the shop. So to streamline this asset preparation process and gain capabilities to scale rapidly, I prepared this Print Product Design Asset Preparation SOP for the design team to follow and collaborate on. (Visit SOP)
  • Worked with a PM to use user flows to present three business strategies to stakeholders to drive conversion in the print shop. In this presentation, I guided the business team to think through different flows by wearing different users’ hats. They felt empowered to visualize how each business model could impact different users’ life. And also powerful to help them find the balance between business objectives and user objectives. (Visit proposals deck)
  • Set up funnels to track the conversion rate on Firebase. I collaborated with the engineer and BA to pinpoint key tracking events and establish print stop funnels on Firebase. This helps us monitor and compare conversion rates between different promotion tactics.