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Dragonce IM

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Instant Messenger

Dragonce IM

On Going
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Dragonce is a two-way messaging app tailor-made to favor communication among members within an organization, company or school. Workflow management is also available – sick-leave and reimbursement application can be easily done within Dragonce IM.

Dragonce Instant Messenger

Message Types

Different parties can start discussion and conducting follow-up work by text, voice messages, instant sharing of photos, audios, files and web links.

Multiple Message Types

On Boarding

The most popular features in this messenger are Tag & Quote Messages, Built-in Polling and Media Folder.

On Boarding Screen


Here is the voice message interaction flow. Just an exploration for material design animation.

Voice Message


Digitize circulars, reduce paper usage, environmentally friendly and time-saving. Do not need manual calculations, automatically generate reply statistics



We provide pen, highlighter in 21 colors. You can draw a new doodle, or easily draw on sent images during your conversation.

Image Drawing


Enterprises can easily design forms with approval workflows on our platform, such as leave application forms and reimbursement forms. These forms can be used on both PCs and mobile devices, greatly saving time on heavy administrative works.

Moible Form

Dragonce IM PreviewDragonce IM PreviewDragonce IM PreviewDragonce IM Preview